The experts in gas systems

What we do?

1. Design, delivery, building and service maintenance (including end delivery of the object)

  • Gas transport systems and their equipment;
  • Gas supply systems;
  • Gas regulation and measuring stations;
  • Gas installations and appliances in public buildings and households;
  • Infra red heating;
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Steam and hot water boilers and burner appliances;
  • Liquefied propane gas installation in public buildings and households:
  • Filling stations for liquefied gases;
  • Pipelines for steam and hot water;
  • Pressure vessels;
  • Goods, oil and utilities piping;
  • Other installations and equipment.

2. Sizing and optimization of rayed and branched systems for gas supply and distribution.

3. Consultations and expertise on design, delivery of equipment and work of installations on of item #1 in terms of ecology, energy efficiency,safety and reliability.

4. Training of the exploitation personnel for safety and non-accidental work of the appliances and installations.

5. Subscription service maintenance of installations and appliances (including repair-recover works).

6. Developments of norms and company internal specifications.

7. Product and system certifications.